Best Way to Arrange Throw Pillows

This is one questions we get asked quite often, how should I arrange my pillows. As you know we create comfy cushions for any space, that provides a great base to then really pull in color! My recommendation to my clients is a cushion is like your sofa, choose a color and style that you can be happy with for years too come! Once you have your base cushion /sofa etc, now the fun can begin! Throw Pillows are a great, easy and inexpensive way to dress up any space. Also a fun way to decorate from season to season! There are many combinations to create the perfect and cozy space here are just a few ideas:

Go for the Odds!

Yes that right odd numbers my favorite Combo is 5 - - For the base pillow - go big and choose a solid - 22" size pillows are great! Once you have your base pillows then add a pop of color in smaller a smaller size - 18" and 16" are the best - Pattern and or texture are a great way to add depth and dimension to your space. To complete the space a lumbar pillow is perfect - 12" x 16" or 14" x 22 " are two great sizes. Pillows are a statement of you ! They are easy to change them up seasonally, buy the insert once and then trade out the covers when you want a fresh look! My favorite inserts are down , we have tested many in our house both polyfil and down and for the price I would go with down they hold up longer and stay fuller longer . Trust me we have 3 kids and a crazy dog and we use the pillows a lot! You can reshape the down pillows easily with a little punch and they will be good as new . I doesn't matter how may pillows you put in your space do what feels the most comfortable to you but they really can complete the look of your room. custom ottoman Enjoy being creative , no rules just have fun! Blessings,

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